Djeco Light Clay 4 Tubes Play Dough


Djeco Modeling Clay - Creative Play with 4 Beautiful Colors

Create magic and play with imagination using Djeco Modeling Clay in 4 enchanting colors. This creative tool opens the door to a world of fun and play where only imagination sets the limits.


  1. Four Vibrant Colors: This set includes modeling clay in four vibrant colors: red, blue, yellow, and green. You can mix them to create even more colors and shape amazing creations.

  2. Easy to Mold: The modeling clay is soft, flexible, and easy to shape. Children can create figures, animals, flowers, and more with ease. It's also perfect for practicing fine motor skills.

  3. Long-Lasting Play: Djeco Modeling Clay is designed to maintain its elasticity and color, ensuring long-lasting play. It doesn't dry out or crack, making it ideal for reuse.

  4. Imaginative Adventures: Let children's imagination run wild! Modeling clay is a fantastic tool for creating small adventures and stories while shaping and playing.

  5. Safe and Non-Toxic: Djeco prioritizes safety. This modeling clay is free from harmful substances and is CE marked, so you can feel confident giving it to your child.


Djeco Modeling Clay is perfect for children of all ages who love to explore their creative side. Use it at home, in school, or in kindergarten to create fun projects and artworks.

Djeco Modeling Clay ignites the imagination and provides hours of fun play. Let children explore the world of art and create their own unique masterpieces with this colorful and enjoyable modeling clay set.

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